Some of the approximate water damage cost according to Cost Helper

The cost to restore water damage involves many factors.

  1. The size of the affected area
  2. Extent of the water damage,
  3. Materials and water type.

There are three categories of water damage cleanup.

  • The least expensive to clean up is
  • Category 1, clean water from a faucet or supply pipe.
  • Category 2  gray waste water with minor contamination, overflow from a dishwasher or washing machine.
  • Category 3  black water, containing sewage or other toxic debris.

Restoring a small area of water damage from a roof leak can be $100-$300 to patch the drywall, this does not include fixing the roof and repainting.
A flood can cost $500-$10,000 or more, depending on the size of the area, the depth of the flooding and the type of water  

Depending on where the appliance is located in the house, water damage cleanup of a faulty water heater, washing machine, dishwasher or air conditioner averages about $5,000, according to .
Water Damage from a burst water pipe can cost $5,000-$70,000 or more with an average insurance claim costing $15,000. 
If an entire house is flooded with storm water, the National Flood Insurance Program provides a flood damage simulator to predict the total cost based on the height of the water.

For 1"-4" of water, water damage cost is $7,800. 9"-12", the damage estimate is $18,930. More than 18", the estimated cost is $26,285..
Water damage may be covered by your insurance.

Flood insurance typically covers damage from a natural disaster, when outside water floods an otherwise dry house.

Homeowners insurance does not cover floods, but may cover water damage caused by a hailstorm smashing a window or a broken water pipe, The insurance company will determine if the equipment had been properly maintained before making a determination that water damage is covered.

Water extraction, dry-out, mitigation and restoration equipment..

Dehumidifier usage priced per day             $6.67 - $35.00/ hour

Negative Air Machine priced per day          $5.14/ hour

Air handler priced per day                          $3.10/ hour                      

NOVA Facilities Maintenance guarantees you a fair price for all water extraction, water damage cleanup and dry-out and water damage restoration.  We use Xactimate(r) pricing which is the approved pricing method for insurance companies. This means that you will get the same price for services that the insurance companies get. By using this software, the price stays consistent and fair for everyone. Please see some of the examples below for an idea of the starting rates for water extraction and dry-out equipment. .

Whatever the cause of water damage, flood, water leak, sewage overflow, roof leaks... NOVA Facilities Maintenance Services water damage restoration & mitigation company has the solution. Call us at the first sign of water damage, and our emergency water damage mitigation specialists will be on their way. 

Water covers the earth, we drink it, we need it to live. It is not however; to our benefit when it intrudes our buildings. Water causes severe structural and building damage. Water damage can also lead to health problems by inviting mold if left un-treated. Lastly, it can get very expensive to restore commercial and residential space the longer it is left un-treated.

Water can enter in different ways. Water from storms and weather as well as sewage backups can be very harmful, and require other specialty extraction methods. Water intrusion from faucet leaks, water heater, and some light rain roof leaks are not so severe as the water has not become completely contaminated yet. We want to attack these as fast as possible to avoid the worsening. 

Water cleanup mitigation is the practice of removing and drying (Water extraction) water from a space before it has the chance to cause further damage. If responded to quickly enough, water damage can usually be cleaned up and dried out quickly as to avoid further problems. Many times however; water mitigation and cleanup involves removing some items such as drywall, flooring, tile and furniture during the water extraction process. 

The water extraction process begins with specialty water extraction equipment including water extractors, dehumidifiers, directional air movers and negative air machines. These tools are necessary and must be used in conjunction with one another to successfully extract water and dry out the area. See pricing below.

Once the bulk of the water has been removed, the drying process begins. This step in the mitigation process involves several specialty drying fans, dehumidifiers, negative air machines and hepa-vacuums. These machines work in conjunction to speed up the drying process while removing potentially harmful particles from the air as well as pulling moisture from the air while heating the area to cause enough heat to dry the area. Yes, it can be a very difficult and time consuming process depending on the severity of the water damage and the size of the area involved in the restoration. 

In most cases, things that will need replaced during the water mitigation process are drywall, carpet, wood and wood substrates, tile, ceiling tiles and cabinets. Cinder walls, brick, glass, concrete and cement floors and other surfaces similar to these can usually be dried and disinfected with a solution.

Emergency water Damage Cleanup mitigation flood restoration services

NOVA FMS of Virginia Beach is a full service emergency restoration company serving Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Newport News, Isle of Wright and other areas. Emergency Residential and Commercial restoration services include emergency water damage cleanup & mitigation, fire and smoke restoration, storm damage recovery, flood response, mold removal and mold remediation and the response time is 2 hours in Virginia Beach, VA. Our commercial restoration services division manages small and large commercial restoration projects including Mold remediation, smoke, water and fire restoration, commercial repairs, refresh and build-outs. 

​​​Virginia based Water Damage Cleanup & Restoration Company servicing the following areas with water damage cleanup, mitigation & restoration services

Stafford, Virginia Corporate HQ-
All water damage cleanup services including mitigation, flood cleanup & water damage recovery services
Ft Lauderdale, Florida Regional Emergency Office-
All water damage cleanup, mitigation, flood cleanup & disaster recovery services excluding restoration services
Atlanta, Georgia Regional Emergency Office-
Flood damage recovery, water mitigation, emergency disaster recovery services
Tampa, Florida Regional Emergency Office-
All emergency services including disaster recovery, water damage mitigation, flood cleanup, flood water damage restoration
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Regional Emergency water damage office
Emergency water damage extraction/ mitigation, flood cleanup fire smoke damage restoration, commercial build-out sub-contractors 



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