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The negative air machine (air scrubber) is a very common and useful piece of equipment used for mold remediation. The purpose of the negative air machine is to take the contaminated particles out of the air, put them through a hepa-filter which scrubs the air and cleans it to 99.7% clean and then releases the clean air back into the room. Air scrubbers come in a variety of sizes and depending on the size of the room, and severity of the mold, multiple air scrubbers may be required. 

A dehumidifier is a unit that pulls the moisture out of the air within a space. Mold and mildew require the right conditions in which to grow. Removing the moisture from the air is essentially removing the food that the mold needs to grow. Using a dehumidifier for mold remediation also helps to prevent the mold spores from traveling through the space and affecting other areas. Dehumidifiers also come in a variety of sizes and depending on the size of the room, the moisture readings and mold spore counts in the area, larger or smaller machines may be required. 

Axial air movers or (Carpet Blowers) are frequently used in the mold remediation process, especially during the dry-out process. These blowers are strategically placed in a manner in which to create a cyclone within the room. This cyclone causes the air and moisture to be pulled into the dehumidifier and through the negative air machine and then returned to the room in the form of clean air. 

Mold remediation and the equipment used to remove mold

Bad News:

Mold comes in many forms, and mold is literally everywhere. Most mold is completely harmless to everyone. The very few types of mold that may be harmful can be very dangerous. Symptoms of mold contamination are usually allergy and similar type symptoms. Some of the more dangerous "Black Mold" can cause much more severe respiratory complications and in rare cases, even death. 

Good News: 

Mold has some distinct properties and grows under moist conditions. Because only an environmental engineer can diagnose mold, and they are VERY expensive, most people who suspect mold simply choose to have moisture readings done, and have the "potential" mold contamination restored. This is what we generally recommend because an environmental hygienist is so costly. It is much more cot effective to have mold remediation and restore the property than to pay a hygienist, pay doctor bills, pay workers comp in commercial cases and worse, law suits for persons who may claim to have been sick simply by seeing mold. 

Best News: 

Getting rid of mold is not as costly as other options. At NOVA Facilities Maintenance Services, we are able to respond rapidly to mold remediation calls and get underway within 90 minutes. This means that if there is suspected mold, we will take care of all possibilities for growth. We will come in and do moisture readings, inspect the area for potential water intrusion, determine the source and remedy the mold. 

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